Why 30/60/90?

The majority of strength increases occur in the first 90 seconds of an exercise. Instead of building muscle using the traditional, boring way of counting sets and reps, we found we could achieve the same powerful results with our clients in short, timed intervals. Our clients not only see better increases in strength, but we also found we can combine this approach with high-intensity interval training - a powerful combination that make our clients stronger while boosting their metabolism to burn fat! With regular 30/60/90® classes, we can get you (and keep you) into the best shape of your life.

Class Formats


The original HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class. A fast, efficient, 38 minute rhythmic routine coupled with classic strength training in a fun, constantly changing format. Rubber flooring, a booming sound system and energizing lighting effects create an upbeat vibe—taking your workout experience to a whole new level.


Our efficient Pilates-based abdominal class set to hip-hop and pop music. The class works the entire body rhythmically and packs an hour of challenging core work into 30 minutes. Ready to book a class?

30/60/90® History

For more than 10 years, 30/60/90®️ has been changing bodies and lives with its revolutionary twist on classic HIIT training.

In the early 2000s, Kristi Molinaro was one of NYC's most in-demand fitness instructors and personal trainers, designing top-of-the-line programs for her classes and clients. Her ability to create lasting relationships with those who sought her expertise kept her fully booked and teaching sold-out classes, but she knew there was still a balance to be found between training productively and having fun. She did her homework and found ample studies supporting that the majority of strength gains occur in the first 90 seconds of an exercise, that the first quality repetitions that led to the point of fatigue were the most important. Busy clients with limited time to workout desired quick results, so authoring a plan around 30, 60, and 90 second intervals, Kristi was determined to provide a method that efficiently utilized single sets of moves for no more than 90 seconds (which also meant her clients were always working and never bored!).

Her new method proved so effective that she stopped booking full hours and reduced the time of each of her sessions. It became so popular that one-on-ones turned into duos, then to small groups of 4-8. Clients loved it, achieved real results in record time, and made friends in the process. With such outstanding reviews among those she coached privately, Kristi began to work her new method into group classes at NYC's top gyms.

The magic happened almost overnight. Classes were challenged by moving to the beat of expertly DJed playlists and people could not get enough. What's more, the new format proved inviting to all shapes, sizes, and genders: classes began filling up with all types of people, women and men alike.

Now, over a decade later, Kristi has finally been able to bring her unique workout to the next level in its own space with her incredible, growing team of instructors. We can't wait for you to experience the workout that changed all of our lives - it's about time!


Kristi Molinaro has been inspiring fitness novices and enthusiast alike in her classes and personal training sessions for over ten years ~ something far from what she set out to do when she left Connecticut at age 19 to pursue a career in show business. Anyone who has experienced one of her classes or private sessions can attest she was born to be a leader in the fitness world. Kristi's passion for fitness led her to a spin certification which quickly turned into a full-time career. She also desired to increase her knowledge and sought education in everything from Pilates to athletic conditioning. She put a unique spin on traditional classes by creating BOSU Pilates and Pilates 4 Athletes. Due to the demand from many members, Kristi started offering private sessions and soon became a top producing trainer for one of New York's high profile gyms.